Powerful Practice Management & EHR

Easy & Powerful
Practice Management EHR

Create Progress Notes & Assessments

Create Monthlies, Competency Checks

Use Electronic Signatures ESIGN

Useful Certifications Expirations Alerts

Rich Data Collection & Reporting

Use our Smart STOs & Graphs

Centralized Logged Times Verification


Efficient reports and optional billing services through certified HIPAA compliant medical billing professionals.


Powerful calendar with collision of hours detection, automatically check remaining authorized time for a client.


Make payroll a breeze with our easy to understand payroll reports, billing and profit summary per owner.


Easy to understand forms that make data collection and sharing between assistants and analysts a simple matter.


Manage your staff, track their credentials, assign rates and keep track of comments and archived documents.


ESIGN & Military-grade encryption with backups for an efficient, HIPAA-compliant storage and sharing of documents.


Stop chasing your Employees for expiring certifications and trainings, Behaviorsoft sends automatic alerts seamlessly.


Caregivers can track their progress and the patients progress in an clean interface with access controls managed by you.

Logged & Verified Hours


Notes Created


Behavior Data Collected


Compliance Alerts Detected


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our customers


Office Manager, B2B

"We are so pleased to have Behaviorsoft™ in our company. It makes all the documentation easy to store; it is instrumental for the therapists to have the notes and all the info of their clients on the computer or iPad."


Office Manager, A&M Behavioral

"We started to work with Behaviorsoft™ in February 2018 to manage our staff profile, certifications, confidential information and client charts which include medical and/or educational records. It helps our business to be more efficient."


Owner, Blue Hope Therapy services

"I have been using Behaviorsoft™ for the last three years. The workload that Behaviorsoft™ does for my company is equivalent to that of at least three employees working full time in the Human Resources department only."

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Easy to fill Progress Notes

BehaviorsoftTM allows you to create professional and beautiful Progress Notes in a matter of seconds!

Electronic Signatures

Eliminate mountains of paperwork with BehaviorsoftTM ESIGN functionality!


BehaviorsoftTM tracks Authorizations' remaining units for each billing code configured for your client type. The system also alerts you when authorizations are about to expire!


Track Profit per owner and amount paid to contractors in an easy to understand display. Track medicaid-billed hours and more with BehaviorsoftTM billing functionality.

Simple Easy Forms

BehaviorsoftTM easy to use competency checks are a game changer when it comes to tracking the caregiver's progress!

Smart Contractor Alerts

BehaviorsoftTM Smart Contractor Alerts save you time from all the manual hassle of alerting your Contractors when Certifications or Trainings are about to expire.